Only Neutered & spayed dogs will be accepted, along with an up to date vaccination card, this also has to include Kennel Cough.
Regular flea treatment is also required, we don’t want any unwanted visitors.

Whilst this all sounds and looks very nice, there are some dogs that would not benefit from staying here, they are as follows:

Aggressive dogs are a big No, No.

Dogs with serious behavior problems.

Dogs that have not been well socialised.

Dogs with open wounds after injury.

Dogs with contagious infections, please, please keep your dog at home.

The Houdini’s of this world would not benefit from this type of accommodation either, sorry.

I have had dogs all my life, I love and own a few dogs myself, I have a very good knowledge of dogs, but I’m not a trainer this is not boot camp.

My responsibility is to look after your four legged family member so that he/she has a lovely time while your away and you don’t have to worry, you can go on holiday with confidence, knowing that your dog is getting a holiday in a comfortable, safe, secure and happy environment.